Episode 2. The Working From Home In Our Business Mullets Episode


In this episode of That's Quarantainment, we tackle the elephant in the room: working from home. Why isn’t ANYONE talking about this???

JK. Everyone is and nobody asked.

Working from home has gone the way of Facebook. Once an elite place for millennials to gather and feel smugly separate, now EVERYONE and their mom is jumping on the bandwagon, whether they like it or not. And guess what? OUR MOMS ARE BETTER AT IT THAN US. It’s kind of embarrassing. Do they really need our advice?

Who cares! Let’s entrepreneur-splain it to ‘em, anyway. Join us for work from home advice you definitely didn’t ask for on:

How long it will take you to fully abandon your perfect spiritual morning routine and start chugging coffee and checking Instagram comments instead

Fun ways to monetize your kids

Why you should invest in a tiny pool or heck — it’s quarantine! — build one on the side of your bungalow 
The one thing that millionaires do when they wake up in the morning
How to style your favorite robe 5 different ways so you can wear it all week! 
The secret art of the business mullet

Plus, play along with this week's That's Quarantainment game, Name That Zoom Archetype: Celebrity Edition.

Which celeb is always late to Zoom calls?

Who can't get their audio to work?

Who always has a TV going/baby crying/dinner party happening in the background of their Zoom call? (EVER HEARD OF THE MUTE BUTTON, HOLLYWOOD????)

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